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Many students search to learn Martial Arts. OSA goes beyond teaching Martial Arts. It becomes a study. OSA prides itself on maintaining high standards in its curricula and high expectations of each student. Individuals learn at one’s ability level and continue to progress at one’s pace. Increase your confidence, achieve your goals, improve your focus and health. Learn self-defense.
Learn self defense by
* Using the energy of
* And learning circular
and linear motion

A style that develops you mentally and physically. An study that is great for stress relief and for self-defense.
Women Only Yudo (Judo)/Jiu-Jitsu
Women only class taught by a female instructor with a Masters in Social Work. You will feel part of the OSA Family. Ladies will learn self-defense by using an opponents energy against them!
Yudo (Judo)/Jiu-Jitsu
Develop strength and flexibility while learning the tenants of martial arts: focus, respect, perseverance, and discipline. Develop elements of grappling and throwing techniques.
Develop hand eye coordination by working on foot-work and striking.
Bon Kuk Gum/Kumdo
Learn to be one with the Sword. Requires precision, focus, discipline, and accuracy. Great for stress relief and building strength.
B4 & After-School
OSA's Before and After-School Program collaborates with a State Certified Teacher to provide academic growth and success. OSA also collaborates with a Professional with a Masters in Social Work to ensure that staff are trained in positive behavior management. At OSA your children will be in a safe environment where they will learn how to work in a team atmosphere, develop life skills like discipline and respect and most of all has fun!
Teacher workdays, Winter Break, Spring Break, and Summer Break. We have you covered with our fun exciting camps! Some of our activities include: martial arts classes, field trips, swimming, movies, sports, and we track their health through our new fun fit watches. Kids will go home learning martial arts etiquette of respect, discipline, and perseverance. They will make new friends and have fun.
Want a fun and organized birthday? Enjoy our Birthday Parties! Filled with ninja focused fun. Birthday kid gets to be a black belt for a day!
Corporate Wellness
Need your team to work together?

Need your team to be healthy, goal oriented, and stress-free?

Ask about our corporate wellness program!
Self-Defense workshops.
Motivational talks.
We provide inspiration and knowledge to all age groups.
Community Service
* We collect items during
the holidays.
* We will come to
schools and the
importance of
respecting each other
and being a team.
* We will help you with
your fundraisers.
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"Great school, the best I have found, with patient teachers. And great workouts :)"

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